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Healthy Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss

The drastically changed lifestyle coupled with high-stress levels has severely affected our health, causing an alarming increase in cases of obesity. Today, every other person suffers from multiple health issues due to poor nutritional choices and a stagnant lifestyle. To get a healthy body, you must consume nutritious food and exercise regularly.

Unfortunately, nobody has enough time to prepare nutritious breakfast and lunch, thus resorting to pre-cooked, processed meals from restaurants and hotels.

However, contrary to popular beliefs, carrying a healthy packed lunch is not that difficult if you know the right recipe. Interested? Here are some fantastic healthy lunch ideas that can be prepared in no time while providing the proper nutrients to keep you fit and strong.


Soups rank at the top of healthy lunch recipes that are easy to make. Quickly prepared and digested, soups contain necessary vitamins and minerals to help you stay healthy, improve metabolism, and lose weight. You can make different soups like lemon-coriander, which is rich in Vitamin C, an essential component to boost immunity while your body changes.

Another option is making the multicoloured vegetable soup comprising carrot, peas, capsicum, spinach, and some soaked black grams. Put these together in a cooker, and mash them using a blender to get a thick broth when appropriately cooked. This soup is highly nutritious and fulfilling.


Khichdi Lunch Recipe

Like soup, Khichdi, or a concoction of lentils, vegetables, and rice, is also a healthy lunch food that you can cook in just 20 minutes. For example, you can cook bajra, green pea and hole moong khichdi, which pack tons of fibre, protein and iron. Another khichdi recipe is cooking cracked wheat and oats with your favourite vegetables like paneer, carrot, peas, onions and tomatoes to make a tasty and nutrient-rich packed lunch. Please take along some cucumber raita packed in Homepuff’s Vaccum-insulated lunch box, which will keep it cold for up to 9 hours.

Wraps and Sandwiches

Sandwhich Lunch Recipe

Just have 5 minutes to prepare your lunch? No worries, a low-carb, nutrient-rich sandwich can do the trick. Also, a hummus-collard wrap filled with your favourite salted veggies is nutritious and a quick vegetarian lunch idea.

If you’d like to put in some effort, make sprout wraps with your favourite sprouts rolled inside a roti. Sprout Wraps carry essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. These are greatly beneficial in improving your heart health by reducing cholesterol. You can mix in some chopped tomatoes, onion and a sprinkle of lemon juice in both lentil and black gram sprouts for an enhanced flavour.

For sandwiches, you can try a peanut butter and banana sandwich, an egg and cheese sandwich or a plain tomato and cucumber sandwich.

Salad Bowls

Salad Bowls Lunch Recipe

Green leafy vegetables are iron-rich and contain vital vitamins and other nutrients. But they take longer to cook and, most times, taste awful. But a well-prepared salad with the same vegetables is the best lunch recipe that can be made quickly and tastes super yummy. You can alternate between vegetable salads, fruit salads or a mixture of both combined with nuts. A vegetable salad can enrich your body with fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, while a fruit salad helps drastically improve gut and eye health.

To make mixed salads, combine your favourite vegetables, fruits, nuts like cashews, soaked almonds, or lean meat like a chicken. These are great for improving bone health, boosting immunity, and promoting healthier skin. A mixed salad is a great lunch box idea for someone on a paleo diet.

Brown Rice Pulao

Brown Rice Lunch Recipe

Brown rice is the best substitute for people who prefer eating a heavy, wholesome meal. It doesn’t contain as many calories as regular rice and is much healthier. You can quickly cook brown rice pulao, a lighter version of biryani, to carry in your lunch. Mix in your favourite vegetables (prefer the green ones), meats like chicken, or even dry fruits like cashews.

A common recipe is mixing baby corn, broccoli, onions, capsicum, and peas with brown rice, adding necessary spices, and cooking it in a pressure cooker. You can compliment pulao with some salad or a bowl of raita.

Remember, pulao is best eaten warm and fresh, and if you intend to carry it for lunch, you can use Homepuff’s vacuum-insulated lunch boxes that will keep your food freshly cooked for long.

An often ignored aspect of eating nutritious food that you pack in your lunch box is that it must be eaten at the right temperature. To eat healthy food, you need to ensure that your lunch box can retain your food’s freshness and preserve its taste for long, despite the weather outside. Homepuff’s vacuum-insulated lunchboxes can be your saviour. These are available in beautiful colour variations like grey and rose gold with different sizes to suit your needs.

With Homepuff lunch boxes, the hot food like palak paneer, pulao, soup or khichdi will remain hot for as long as six hours. You can also pack in flax seed raita or simple curd in another container to keep it cold and fresh for up to 9 hours.

So, eat healthy, nutritious food daily while carrying your lunch box style.


A healthy body is essential to leading a happier and more successful life. Eating proper, nutritious food coupled with regular exercise is the only way to stay healthy and strong to face any challenge life throws. But taking care of your health doesn’t need to be time-consuming. These quick-to-make and easy lunch menu ideas can help you take the next step toward your health despite your hectic schedule. Carrying healthy, home-cooked food daily in homepuff’s stylish vacuum-insulated stainless steel lunch boxes will ensure proper nutrition while saving a lot of money that you otherwise spend on ordering in. Try out the easy lunch recipes shared here, and tell all your friends and colleagues about them so they can also benefit from a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. And don’t forget to buy a good lunch box that keeps your food fresh for long.
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