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We as working class people, students or even as travelers are prone to eat cold food many a times. Who doesn’t like a hot meal? But keeping food hot for long hours is a challenging task. Vacuum containers are an option, but even then we have to deal with lukewarm meals. We will discuss a few simple hacks to enhance the container’s performance and to keep food hot for longer.

Using a vacuum insulated container to keep Food hotter:

An insulated container is an age old option to keep your meal hot. But containers have a few drawbacks and at times fail to live up to expectations. Now-a-days we have better options and more functional containers for this purpose. One such container is the Homepuff Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar & Container. The insulated food jar is completely made of stainless steel, thus its durability is never an issue. The container is capable of retaining hot food for up to 5 hours. The double walled insulation technology maintains better heat retention and resisting the growth of bacteria.

Warming the container before putting food:

Warming Container Before Putting Food


Putting hot food directly in the container means that the container will take up the heat from the food. This way the food loses its heat to heat the container, resulting in lukewarm food.

To avoid such circumstances, fill the container with hot water close the lid and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Drain the water and immediately put your hot meal inside the container. This procedure ensures that the container does not absorb heat from the food.

Using Aluminum Foils to avoid heat dissipation:

Aluminum Foil Usage To Avoid Heat Dissipation
Along with the water technique, wrap your food in foil paper. The foil improves the chances of your food staying hot for longer. Aluminum foils are poor heat conductors and help in keeping the heat intact. Also adding butter paper to the foils helps in keeping the thermal energy from losing. The addition of butter paper reduces the transition of heat to the foil, thus regulating the heat within.

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