Best Kitchen Tools | What You Need in Your Kitchen

Best kitchen tools - What You Need in Your Kitchen

Kitchen tools


King of the kitchen? Make sure your tools are up to par! Whether you’re a home chef, professional cook, or curious beginner, We come with amazing kitchen essentials to help you conquer that challenge and win. Every kitchen craves convenient and efficient kitchen essentials to keep up with the current utilities. Are you looking for reliable and easy-handling kitchen tools? Home puff’s newly launched Homebasics got you covered! From starting your gas burner to slicing your vegetables, from skillets to baskets all the needs and wants are on a single platform.

Let’s see the fantastic kitchenware for your kitchen!


Peelers are a very crucial cooking tool required in a kitchen. Almost every vegetable and fruit needs peeling in some or the other recipe you cook. Hence Homepuff presents you best quality stainless steel peelers with sharp blades to slide smoothly on thick-skinned vegetables or fruits. U-shaped best for small, curved fruits such as tomatoes or apples,  with a warranty of 3-12 months. Eliminates excessive time and effort for a quick prep meal. 

Cheese grater


A grater is a great cooking utensil as it sounds. Used to shred or grate your tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, almonds, cheese, and more. The cheese grater present here comes with numerous attributes like

  • High-Quality blades with sharp edges for effortless shredding.
  • Effective on both hard and soft veggies or fruits.
  • High-quality polished stainless steel with silicone grip to keep you secure.
  • Rust free-Excellent stainless steel that will not rust over time.
  • Crafted for comfort - Constructed efficiently to allow for easy handling with a solid grip.
  • Easy clean- You can safely wash it in a dishwasher without worry of quality loss.
  • Worth for money and assured warranty- Available at best prices with a warranty period of 3-12 months.


 A tool without which you cannot start your cooking. To ignite your passion for cooking and food, Home puff provides you finest stove lighter. Frustrated by the tik-tik of the lighters and constantly checking the knob, wasting gas and time. Well relax, the stove lighter here is an easy grip thanks to passionate construction with a long and durable finish to reach the burner easily. Manufactured in India to address common kitchen concerns. No tik-tik anymore, just one push and you are good to go!


Kitchen knives are essential tools for any cook, whether you're a professional chef or a home cook. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for specific tasks in the kitchen. Homebasics by homepuff presents range of kitchen knives for your slicing, dicing, or chopping needs.  Quality knives have balanced weight and a convenient handle, which ensures the perfect grip for smooth and effortless cutting. Versatile in nature, it is made of corrosion-resistant material to long last. Easy clean and low maintenance, with a stylish design and excellent stainless steel. A must-have for every kitchen.


Cooking leaves a lot of mess behind after attaining the dish desired. To clear that mess, practically every household uses old or ripped garments. 

These wipes leave damp floors or platforms behind. Watermarks remain even after several cleaning. Multiple clothing is frequently utilized for different surfaces, which requires a great deal of time and work.

To solve all these problems, Homepuff provides you with convenient kitchen wipers to clear up your mess without leaving a trace.

Offered in a variety of colors to suit your preferences. No more stops for dry surfaces. Superb rubber-edged wipers for quick dry surfaces. Unlike standard wipers, this one has a molded and robust handle.

For your slabs, countertops, and so on. An amazing kitchen tool online.

Basket for fruits


A unique container to hold your fruits and vegetables efficiently. Along with versatile crafting, it also has versatile attributes. Let us go through the following:

  •  Peculiar design: Do not confuse it with the normal fruit baskets available. Flexible design to suit your requirements. Comes with Combination of strainer and container for your vegetables and fruits.  From Fridge to dining tables an organizer with multiple usages.
  • Passionate construction: A suitable size in a variety of colors for straining noodles and pastas to washing, cleaning, and storing your vegetables and  fruits, . A foldable structure provides room for other accessories. Large pores allowing air and water to pass through make it easy to transport.
  • Healthy option: This basket not only holds healthy and nutritious fruits that keep you healthy but also is toxic-free and BPA-free. With good PP FDA-approved material. Amazing for your kitchen or household.
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes, you read it correctly. Due to the fine materials used, easily washable in dishwashers and can be stored in refrigerators.
  • Warranty basket: Basket with an assurance of 3 months with excellent reliability. 
  • Cost-effective: A multi-tasker to help you cut the cost of extra tools. 

Manual choppers

An amazing kitchen tool popular today. Chopping off the time you take in chopping veggies. 

  • Manual choppers are available in a variety of capacities from 325ml to 1000ml. You can choose as per your to your preference.
  • With and without whippers and lid with 3 to 5 blades.
  • 100% BPA-free materials used protecting from food contamination and preserving flavors.
  • An easy and safe option to cut your veggies as well as whip purees, chutneys, and whatnot!
  •  Excellent structure with sharp and high-quality stainless steel blades for smooth cutting, nylon ropes with a sturdy finish, and a strong anti-silicone base to hold your veggies closely. 
  • 3-month warranty period with safe and easy cleaning.
Choppers for kitchen

Electric choppers

Electric Choppers that chop your veggies with a single click. Yep, that’s right.

  •  Excellent 1200mAh lithium-ion battery that only needs a few hours to charge and will keep you going for a week. Whether you are in your kitchen or your bedroom, chop your veggies anytime anywhere with electrical choppers. 
  • Available in a 250 ml capacity, waterproof construction, and multiple colors.
  • Simple to clean and high-performance with 30 watt power and 5-volt voltage . A simple push and you get fine quality chopped food items.
  • Toxic free materials to keep it healthy and wise option for you.
  • With a 6-months warranty and a USB charger making it ideal for travel.
Cast iron kadai

Cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware’s  durability, non-stick surface, versatility, and affordability make it a popular choice for both home cooks and professional chefs alike.  Homepuff cast iron range includes cast iron pans, dosa tawa, kadai, grill pan and roti tawa.  Cast iron cookwares are used for centuries and is still popular today for number of reasons making it great choice for cooking. 

  • Premium quality: Excellent high-quality materials are used which are free from BPA, BPS, or any other toxins that can harm your body. The pre-seasoned feature makes it quick to work on.
  •   Detailed design: The solid grip is protected by the coated handles. A wide structural design provides ample room for food.
  • Heat Retention: Evenly distribution of heat helps in long heat retention. Cast iron is one of the best conductors of heat thus keeping your food warm for a long period of time.
  • Iron booster: Pure cast iron increases the iron content in the body.
  •  Long-term and rust-free: Due to pre-seasoning it becomes rust-free and naturally non-stick. Thus making it a long-term deal along with a Lifetime Warranty by Homepuff.


Find out the best kitchenware online, from peelers to pans. Homepuff combines traditional and modern aspects. Take advantage of enticing offers and explore freshly introduced homebasics.

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