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Food brings families together, and at Home Puff, we wish to be a small part of that memory.
With this in mind, we’ve launched a collection of elegant and technologically superior kitchenware solutions which are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

We’re bringing global quality products and designs to India- choose from a fantastic range of smart lunch boxes, drinkware, storage containers and kitchen tools to transform your lifestyle. With quality products and innovative technology, we promise to keep your home cooked meals and beverages fresh and tasty even after long hours.

Welcome to the Home Puff family – we’re here to make every day extraordinary!

Trusted By Millions of Customers

"Food in the Homepuff lunchbox remains hot even after 4-5 hours. I would recommend buying the Homepuff brand without a second thought."

Reviewed By

Seema Mehra

"Does everything I expected. Excellent quality of both the glass and the lid, along with the vent mechanism. The Bag of the lunchbox is way too good. It looks premium, sophisticated, and has amazing padding to ensure the safety of the lunch box inside."

Reviewed By

Karan Dixit

"I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Home puff 5 PCS gadget set. The design of the tools is aesthetically pleasing, and the gadget set always comes in handy for anything I need."

Reviewed By

Priyanka Mahajan

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