A scrumptious meal is the desire of every tongue. Long-distance or daily stretch, food travels everywhere.

The tool that helps the food to travel along is none other than Lunch boxes. The protector of the sailor!

Well, glass lunch boxes are an appreciable choice.

Aren’t you troubled by the cold lunches? Your favorite and savory dishes get sogged and bland till lunch.

Aren’t you troubled by the bills adding up by eating street food too much?

Well answer to all your problems is a Glass lunch box. A healthy medium between you and your food. Keeping the flavors intact, only to stick to your tastebuds rather than your lunch boxes.

Why are glass lunch boxes a better choice?

Do you know first lunch boxes came around the 1880s and the commercial lunch boxes came in 1902?

There have been many innovations in the ways and designs of lunch boxes as well. From tobacco bins used in the 1880s to borosilicate glass lunch boxes today, the tiffin industry has come very far.

Benefits of glass lunch boxes


Glass lunch boxes are the new trend. The reason it lures customers all around the world is the following:


Glass lunch boxes are made of borosilicate glass making them microwave safe means you can easily reheat your food safely. We all enjoy eating warm meals- it also helps in digestion, improves immunity , increases energy and so much more.


    Unlike other types of lunch boxes glass bento box gives you a healthy choice. Free from mercury, lead, cadmium, PVC, or any other harmful substances. This makes the use of glass tiffins an interesting and fit option to choose from.


    Plastics is very dangerous. Plastic lunch boxes release toxic chemicals like BPA, PVS, phthalates into the food stored which causes serious health problems like blood pressure, hormonal issues even heart attack. It is also dangerous to microwave. Thus glass tiffins are safer and better option to choose.


    Indian food has a distinct and mesmerizing smell which is the cherry on top of the spices present. If you would like to enjoy your food with the aroma, thus glass tiffin is at your rescue. Shielding the freshness of the food intact with its glass doors.


    The glass tiffin lunch box lasts for years. You can use it for the number of years you like and several times you want. Continues to be in great shape with great durability.


    Home puff is a promising brand in the industry today. It’s lunch box is a blooming product with finest borosilicate form. With stain proof ,leakproof, airtight seal they offer the  best Glass lunch boxes online. Keeping up with the trends the label itself gives you a homely feeling and understands the value of home-cooked meals thus here presents you the best glass lunch boxes for your daily as well as occasional trips. Let's see the benefits of choosing Homepuff from the following:


    Quality is what the brand stands for. The lunch box containers are made up of premium quality Borosilicate glass. Due to the thicker and extra strength present in borosilicate glass, it is used commonly in cookware also known as bakeware, making it suitable for consumption.

     2. LEAKPROOF:

    Home puff provides you with leakproof lunch boxes. The airtight tiffin lunch box keeps your food safe and secure. It prevents the spilling of food especially curry or any other food item with water in it. The boxes have four side lock and seal technology with airtight silicon seal which prevents food leakage as well as savor escape.


    The products available on this platform are chemical-free. Health is the priority to ensure premium product delivery. The lunch boxes are put together with good quality borosilicate which has high chemical and thermal resistance which makes it suitable for food storage. The product available is BPA-free.


    The Bento lunch box containers are designed with detailed observation for easy usage. The stackable storage facility to prepare a full course meal. The steam release vent with a silicon ring at the lid make it perfect to keep your food fresh and healthy. Starting from 320ML singles to the set of 4 with 400 ML each, in different colors and sizes according to your preference and comfort. Home puff provides you with the best lunch boxes for office and travel.


    Indian food has a lot of oil, butter, and ghee used in different dishes. North or south unique recipes demand a lot of ingredients. The food you carry in usual lunch boxes has those oil stains which are not easily removable making it a complex cleaning. But Homepuff gives excellent quality glass which makes the cleaning process stress free. You can even clean the tiffins in a dishwasher or without the use of soap. Just a simple wash with water and jobs done.


    Lunch boxes go a long way in our lives, especially the ones who work. The everyday hustle requires energy and this energy is boosted with a hot and delicious meal. Home puff comes to you with lunch boxes best for adults.  The lunch boxes have high heat resistance with antifreeze quality suitable for temperatures ranging from -20 to 400 degrees celsius. You can enjoy your meals anytime with a guarantee of flavors.


    You must have bought tiffins before but do you get a carry bag too? Yes, you got it right! Home puff gives you premium lunch boxes with a premium carry bag to carry your tiffin. Often you have to buy a carry bag separately which not only increases your headache but the weight of the container as well. But Homepuff eases your difficulty by giving you lunch boxes with lightweight carry bags. The designs are simple and elegant and could be used for any gender. Best lunch boxes for men or women.


    Often you require a different setup for the cutleries used. The workload increases, increasing your worries. But here the product is very low maintenance and safe. Completely safe to be used in the microwave and prevents you from buying another utensil for your oven. The best prices for glass lunch boxes you can find with durability and all the world-class features with beautiful carry bag. This a pocket-friendly deal only for you by Homepuff.


    Homepuff uses premium quality products we strive to deliver the best. We provide assured warranty on all the products, we desire to deliver the best. Buy the best lunch boxes online with Homepuff.

    Carry bag for lunch boxes


    You are welcome to visit the site and explore the different types of lunch boxes available . A delicious meal wrapped in stylish case adding on to your style statement. Glass lunch boxes in singles as well as  sets of 2 or even 3 according to the size needed. Check it out, now!

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