Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to heat up water for tea, hot cocoa, and instant soups? An electric kettle is a great tool for anyone who likes to be efficient and multitask. You can use it to make hot beverages such as coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. It’s also great for quickly boiling eggs, blanching vegetables, melting butter or cheese, and sterilizing jars and spoons. In addition, electric kettles are great for making oatmeal and other hot cereal-based breakfasts quickly in the morning. It is the perfect kitchen essential for any avid home chef. Here is a comprehensive guide filled with tips and advice on finding the best electric kettle that works for you.



Electric kettle for kitchen


It’s important to research electric kettle designs and features before you make your purchase. Some models have modern designs, while others have classic styles. You should also look for features like temperature control, auto shutoff, and water level indicators. Consider the types of settings that you need and choose your electric kettle accordingly.


Size is always a vital parameter whether you travel or stay home. Home puff provides you with kettles in two different sizes, a small electric kettle (KW)  can make a perfect travel companion. You get the option to enjoy hot beverages in and out. The electric tea kettle - is available here in preferable sizes from small 700L to big 1.8L. Lightweight with 1000 watts power and 240 volts voltage. Available in different colors in steel, and 1500 watts in glass along with sparkling Blue LED in the base.


If you're looking for an easy, efficient way to quickly heat water, an electric kettle is the perfect solution.The key feature of any electric kettle is its boiling efficiency which inreturn cuts down your gas bills and electricity bills. They are fast, efficient hence Saving you time and money. 


Yes, you read correctly. Many hot water kettles are made from cheap plastics which release bisphenol a toxic chemical , aluminum which is harmful to the circulatory system, and  even copper is not recommended as leached from boiling water hurts the brain. It is a really important step that needs a detailed analysis to prevent any side effects.


Normally you buy the device without worrying about how and in what shapes it is designed. But it becomes another task to handle the hot kettle. The insulated wires and shockproof exterior provides you easy handle and access to the product.  The proper design makes it simple to handle and maximizes usage.



Features of electric kettle


Home puff never compromises the performance and quality of any  product. It always keeps the features in check to give the best product in the market. Here it presents some amazing features of its water heater jugs which will compel you to order immediately.


Structure matters a lot in electric appliances for operating them with ease. The kettles from Homepuff are designed meticulously. The grab handles are insulated and protects you from electrical shocks and with the boiled water inside. The detachable 360-degree swivel base makes pouring liquid easy and convenient. This makes the water boiler kettle here trouble-free portability. The single lid with a capable lock system is another feature to look upon.


Unlike other  kettle heaters  Homepuff kettles are designed for  multipurpose usage. With multipurpose  kettle you can make tea, coffee, oatmeal, pasta,  any instant food to go, you can cook in the kettle in no time. Effortless due to the wide opening which gives you a clear view of food or beverage inside with easy filling. Jack of all trades to your liberation.


Home puff assures you the quality of materials used is pure and environment friendly.  The electric kettle here is guaranteed BPA-free. A healthy product designed in a way to preserve natural minerals of the food and prevents any flavor contamination as well. Saves effort and health at the same time.

multipurpose electric kettle



Safety is one of the vital pointers that you observe in any appliance. Nobody wants to get an electric shock or go through any incidents. Along with the premium quality you get a safe and well-built high-quality thermostat that regulates the temperature according to the need. You can also find a boil dry protection function that prevents the kettle to switch on empty. Not only this but an auto cut feature to protect you from any injuries and extra power consumption. With swift and secure boiling best electric kettle online.


The kitchen is full of surprises and experiments. This gives you and your utensils or gadgets long history of stains which is very hard to part with. Home puff comes with the solution, due to the amazing design of your kettle. The excellent material makes the surface of the electric kettle stain or odor free. It does not allow the stains to retain. You get away with the painful experience as well as the blemish.


Budget is always a dominant parameter in shopping. This encourages us to get you the product that fits your budget and needs. Check out our variety of kettles on Homepuff which comes with an assurance of 6 month's warranty. Buy best Electic kettles today.


The product you find here is not only made according to your requirements but also in a unique fashion. Two healthy choices for you steel and glass. Available in different colors and sizes. The sleek and stylish design of the kettles here can also be used as gifting accessories to your friends and family. 

Electric heaters with plastic body



Cooking is not a chore anymore but a fun activity. The number of reasons aloft will give you the clarity to choose wisely.

The guide above will help you choose the correct equipment  to blend into your lifestyle and help you  reduce your time and effort. 

Wait no more, make your life easier with the range of sleek and stylish electic kettles by homepuff

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