Tomato bajji preparation at home is really an interesting idea. Most of us like eating bajjis daily, especially in evening. Oh ! but what is this bajji? This is a very famous Indian recipe mostly prepared in South India. This is made using peanut flour. Mostly people of south India eat Mirchi bajji (chilli). Other than chilli & tomato bajji is prepared using raw banana, brinjal, onion, potato and many other vegetables also.

Today lets see how to prepare tomato bajji preparation stepswhich takes 30-40 minutes of time to prepare. Doctors suggest tomato to increase blood percentage. But, as we prepare this recipe with lot of oil (deep fry recipe) its not suggested to eat daily. Now lets see the process to prepare tomato bajji recipe in detail.

Important Points:

100 grams of:

Red tomatoes consists of 18 calories

Red tomatoes Stewed consists of 79 calories

Tomato sauce canned with onion consists of 42 calories

Ingredients required for Tomato bajji preparation:

  1. Fresh red tomatoes: 10 number (Medium size)
  2. Peanut flour: 200 grams
  3. Raw corn flakes: 70-80 grams
  4. Coriander: 50 grams
  5. Ground nuts: 50 grams
  6. Red chilli powder: 1 spoon
  7. Ginger: small piece (Approximately 20 grams)
  8. Refined oil: 1 Litre
  9. Chat masala: 1 Table spoon
  10. Tasting salt
  11. Salt
  12. Onion: 2 (Medium size)

Tomato Bajji Preparation Steps:

  • Switch on the stove, keep deep fry pan on it & pour oil in it keeping in mind that the tomato must completely dipped when it is dropped into the pan.
  • Leave the oil to heat.
  • Mean while take a bowl and put peanut flour in it and add some salt for taste.
  • Now add some water (approximately 100 ml) to flour and mix it without forming any balls.

Tip: make the peanut paste little tight so that it can stick the tomato perfectly.

  • After the oil gets heated now dip each tomato in the peanut flour paste and drop it in oil. You can drop as many tomatoes as your pan supports at a time. but be careful the tomatoes doesn’t touch one other in the pan.
  • Let it cook till it turns light golden colour on medium flame(approximately 3 minutes).
  • After finishing cooking of all tomatoes now put ground nuts in the same oil to deep fry on medium flame
  • Take off the ground nuts once when they turn to golden brown colour. Be careful at this point some times they might become dark brown or black.
  • When the ground nuts are cooked, kept them a side now increase the flame and put Raw corn flakes in oil.
  • After the corn flakes are cooked, switch off the stove
  • Now take a big bowl, cut the tomato bajji to half and peal the whole tomato from the peanut layer and put into the bowl.
  • Now add salt, red chilli powder, chat masala, corn flakes, ground nuts, chopped onions, chopped coriander, finely chopped ginger & a pinch of tasting salt into the bowl.
  • Now press tomatoes in the bowl with your hand and mix it with all the ingredients you added to the bowl to form a mixture.
  • Now arrange the peanut layer cups in a plate and put the mixture into these cups.
  • Finally you are done with fresh & hot Tomato Bajji. serve it instantly so that you don’t loose the taste.

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