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Ideas For Kitchenware Gifts During The Festive Season

The Diwali season is here! Everyone wants to gift something special, not the usual sweets and dry fruit packets. So what better than kitchenware? Be it families or individuals - everyone needs kitchenware for daily use.

So, here are some kitchenware items that one can gift their loved ones.

Lunch Boxes

lunch box

Lunchboxes are a great gift for family and friends. Because first of all, one can enjoy fresh and warm food at the office, just like at home. Secondly, separate containers in the lunchbox give more space to fill different types of food. Lunchboxes are not limited to offices, kids can take these to schools, or a family can take them to a park for a picnic. Another major benefit is that one can avoid junk food by carrying a tiffin every day to work.

Moreover, lunchboxes now come with cool features, like this one here. It is called a HeatPro Lunch Box - it has an amazing capacity of 2 litres and is insulated, keeping the food warm for six to nine hours. The best part about this lunchbox is that it has multisized containers, a smaller one for Rotis and bigger ones for dal and rice. Also, it is made of best-grade stainless steel which is a healthier alternative to plastic lunch boxes.



Gifting a casserole is not at all old-fashioned; in fact, it is a must-have for any household. Casseroles are the best to keep any food warm. In Indian households, it is often used to keep Rotis or rice warm. However, it is perfect for transporting food, for example, for a house party or a picnic. This is one of the most useful kitchenwares; it can contain plenty of food. Because of its lid, the food never spills out. It will be an apt gift for families or even individuals who like their food fresh and warm.

Travel Coffee Tumblers

travel tumblers

In today's time, when everyone is in a rush, coffee tumblers are a necessity. One can take it to the office, to a meeting, or even take a drink for a friend. These coffee mugs keep the drink hot or cold for at least 4-6 hours. The drink can be anything from coffee and tea to oatmeal. Also, these tumblers are perfect for avoiding spilling. This drinkware will make one's life way less complicated.

These are also great for people who are constantly travelling - one doesn't have to worry about the hygiene of cups in restaurants or hotels and can enjoy a drink on the go. So go ahead and gift it to someone who is a busy bee or has been bitten by the travel bug.

Check out this Pacific Coffee Tumbler, which comes in three beautiful colours: Teal, Pink, and White. It keeps the drink warm for close to eight hours and cold for 12 hours and preserves the taste of the drink. It is an airtight tumbler and can be taken carefreely anywhere. It has a distinct design that will make anyone fall in love with it!

Dinner Sets

dinner set

Who doesn't like a good dinner set? It is beneficial in every way. It can be used to serve guests for special occasions or festive seasons. A dinner set must have at least six plates, six small bowls, two big bowls, spoons, and spatulas. The different sizes of bowls are used to serve different things. For example, bigger ones can be used to serve curries and smaller ones for curd or dessert. Always make sure to get a dinner set with a good design. No one can go wrong with this gift. It is an absolute charmer!

Cookware Sets

cookware set

Cookware sets are must-haves for a household. A cookware set includes a flat pan (Tawa), an Indian wok (Kadhai), and a frying pan. These are multi-purpose utensils. These things are needed for any sort of cooking in a kitchen, be it marking a curry or making pancakes.

A good quality cookware set will last for a long time. Non-stick cookware sets are what one should be going for as it requires less oil, and the food doesn't stick to the utensils. These cookware sets can be mostly used on an induction stove as well.

This is a great gift for newly married couples or people who have just shifted to a new city. The cookware sets will come in handy for them.



Most households are investing in a good air fryer because of its advantages. It requires very little to no oil to fry food. The food gets made in much less time than the gas stove, and it is much easier to clean. The health benefits of this product are what draw everyone to it. Some air fryers allow baking, grilling, and roasting as well. And the best part is that the food tastes equally good.

It's absolutely the best gift for this Diwali season! One can enjoy pakoras, gulab jamuns, samosas, etc. without any guilt.

Electric Kettles

electric kettles

Electric Kettles have made people's lives so much easier. Earlier, every household used to heat everything on LPG gas which was time-consuming and expensive. In comparison, electric kettles can heat anything from water to soups in a minute or two. People can also cook things in it like pasta, oatmeal, or even Maggi. It is a great gift for people living in hostels.

Nowadays, electric kettles are not only used in houses but also in offices and hostels. Gifting an electric kettle to someone will definitely help the person a lot.

This Electric Glass Kettle from has a good capacity of 1.8L and will not burn food, thanks to its auto-cut feature. The product would automatically stop once the water boils. This would reduce energy consumption as well. As it's an electric glass kettle, it's sophisticated and stylish, making it perfect to be gifted.

Sandwich maker

sandwich maker

Sandwich makers or toasters are great for a quick snack or breakfast. One needs to just put in a loaf of bread with cheese or butter, and the toasts are ready in minutes. It takes much lesser time and makes cooking faster and easier. Anyone would love this product as a gift.

Electric Choppers

electric choppers

Manual choppers have made people's work easier when it comes to chopping vegetables. So imagine how much more useful electric choppers will be for people. Electric choppers do a much quicker and faster job.

The choppers are usually compact and lightweight and can be used while travelling. One can make salads, sandwiches, and fruit chaats using the electric chopper. It is a great gift for anyone who loves hassle-free cooking.

Check out this Electric Chopper; it is a one-touch press and rechargeable electric chopper. It can be easily recharged with a USB cable. The best part is that it is waterproof and has three sharp blades that come with it. Moreover, it can be separated for easy cleaning.

From casseroles, coffee tumble, and electric kettles to choppers- everything can be bought at this Diwali season. The website has a FLASH SALE going on and has options for corporate giving as well. So hurry!

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