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How To Make Chole Bhature | Step By Step Recipe

It’s Monsoon and the season definitely calls for hot-steamy food. This and winter are two seasons where your cravings for ice-cream and desserts are overcome by the simple chai and hot-hot soft Rotis dipped in some delicious spicy curries. Each one’s got their own unique favourites when coming towards food, but then there are some which can definitely be an all-time favourite…

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How To make Mix Vegetables Chinese Manchurian With Gravy | Step By Step Preparation process

One of the favourites the main course in the veg indo Chinese is Veg Manchurian, Today, I am sharing restaurant style Veg Manchurian gravy. This can easily get made within 15 minutes if the fried Manchurian balls are ready. Love all indo Chinese dishes whether it is Veg Chinese or nonveg Chinese dishes. In fact, fried rice or schezwan noodle are always favourites in our family.…

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Grill Chicken

Grill Chicken Preparation Process | Spicy Grilled Chicken Cooking Step By Step Recipe

Grilled Chicken Recipe: All the dishes which are prepared at home regularly don’t find any change as they are routine. Grill chicken cooking process is given here below. Many of them eagerly wait for the weekend for enjoyment and pleasure. Along with the enjoyment the yummy food has to be chosen in order to make your day more special. Trying various recipes makes…

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Prawns Fry Recipe

Prawns Fry Recipe Preparation Steps | Spicy Prawns Fry Cooking Process Step By Step Recipe

Prawns Fry Recipe: The Andhra Style Royyala Vepudu is today’s dish. Prawns are one of the sea foods and many call it as ‘Royallu’. They are one of the high nutritional value food items which are preferred by many of the experts. For a healthy diet- vitamin, proteins and minerals are important to the body. Prawns help in bone development and nerve…

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