how to make Spinach poori

Spinach Poori Preparation Process | How to make Spinach Poori Recipe

Today, I am going to share spinach poori or palak poori recipe. This is a special toddler recipe for those children who do not want to eat a vegetable, same like my daughter ūüôāShe never wants to eat vegetables so I always hide these vegetables in Poori, Paratha and chapati (roti). Same like Palak green poori, I have also tried tomato poori. Spinach poori is healthy and‚Ķ

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How to Make Poori | Step By Step Poori Preparation Recipe

Poori is a favorite breakfast for most of the Indians.This is an oily food and still people love eating this. After all taste taste matters. So today lets see the Poori preparation. Poori can be eaten with Aalu Curry (Potato), Egg Curry, Chana Masala and many more curries. Poori is prepared using Maida or Wheat flour or Sooji. Based on your Interest you can use…

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