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Food Cobbler Recipe

Fruit Cobbler

Bringing out the best confections is a hobby for us at Homepuff. Our team constantly tries to give the best recipes to you all. Here is another such uncommon recipe but is tasty. For this recipe you’ll need: Fruit(about 5 cups) peeled and sliced Can sweetened condensed milk(1 (14 ounce)) 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons cold margarine or butter Biscuit baking…

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caramel pie recipe

Caramel Pie

We all enjoy a great dessert after a good meal. We try to make these desserts a little more special for you. Our team researches unique recipes every time for you. This time we have got a pie for you all and for this you will need: – Butter or margarine(3 tablespoons) All-purpose flour(4 tablespoons) Dark brown sugar(1 cup) Milk(1…

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