karela fry

Kakarakaya Recipe | Bitter Gourd Cooking Process | Karela Fry Recipe Step by Step

Kakarakaya Recipe: Kakarakaya is one unique vegetable with a bitter taste.  It is also called “Bitter gourd”. Kakarakaya is least preferred vegetable among all the vegetables because of its taste and look. Most people ignore this vegetable if served in the plate as it tastes so bitter however it may not taste yummy but has many health nutritional benefits in it.…

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rice cooking

Rice Cooking Process- Both in Rice Cooker & Utensil | Water Quantity Required

Rice Cooking Process: This is a beginners recipe. The basics of cooking is also very important. Not always making you experts but sometimes need to consider the newcomers to the kitchen. Bachelors those who stay away from home and missing home made food will be happy with  this. The first possible doubt to arise in this rice preparation is the quantity…

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