Orange Juice recipe: In the hot summer season the pleasure of having the fruit juices is something like getting relief from the hot sunny. Some of the people don’t prefer to drink the outside juice due to many reasons. The outside juices may contain additives, coloring and many. So the thirst quenching and the tasty juice can be made at home with the few ingredients. As every fruits provide many nutritional values, the orange juice also has many benefits. The intake of juice delivers vitamins and high calories. Most of the people love to have juice after the lunch and dinner time as it makes the stomach full with high proteins. Orange juice not only keeps the healthy but also gives the shining complexion to the skin.  Daily having of the orange strengthen your immunity power too.

Health assistance using orange juice provide Vitamin C and potassium in higher value which is beneficial to the body. Various disorders like cold and flu keeps away by taking of this juice.You can find varieties of oranges like blood oranges, bitter oranges and many, but usually preferred is sweet orange.The orange is a citrus fruit which is scientifically known as “Citrus sinensis”. Prevention of cancer, problems related to blood circulation, inflammation and maintenance of cholesterol levels can be retain by this fruit juice.

The orange juice is more advantageous than eating fruit as it does not contain any of the preservatives.As orange juice contains calcium content it helps in stop page of tooth decay. It also helps in reducing bone problems and acts as a good remedial in curing scurvy.Let’s have a quick look at the making process and the ingredients required for preparing.

Ingredients required for Orange Juice recipe:

  • Fresh oranges-2
  • Ice cubes- as required
  • Sugar-2 table spoon

Orange Juice recipe Preparation process:

  1. If the oranges are hard, smoothen it by rolling on flat surface with some pressure.
  2. As it becomes soft, the juice can be gained easily.
  3. Cut the orange into two equal half’s in crosswise.
  4. Put half of orange piece on  juicer and curl them to get juice.
  5. Same process can be done for the other half of the orange.
  6. Remove the seeds and take out the pulp of the orange.
  7. Now take the juice in a glass and add sugar if required.
  8. The juice which is ready can be served with ice cubes.

Tip: To get the better taste a pinch of pepper can be added which gives the additional taste.

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