Poori is a favorite breakfast for most of the Indians.This is an oily food and still people love eating this. After all taste taste matters. So today lets see the Poori preparation. Poori can be eaten with Aalu Curry (Potato), Egg Curry, Chana Masala and many more curries. Poori is prepared using Maida or Wheat flour or Sooji. Based on your Interest you can use one among these to prepare it.


Lets see the calories for 100 grams:

Whole wheat flour (Aata) : 364 calories

Wheat flour: 398 calories

Deep Fry Pan

Ingredients required for Poori preparation :

  1. Whole Wheat flour (Aata): 250 grams
  2. Salt: Half Spoon
  3. Water
  4. Ripen Banana (Small Size or Half)
  5. Refined Oil: 1 Liter

Puri Preparation Steps:

  • Take Aata in a bowl add salt and mix it well so that salt mixes well in all parts.
  • Mash the Banana and mix it with the Aata.
  • Now add water to the mixture and mix the Aata .

Tip: Add small amount of water at regular intervals and mix.

  • The Aata must be very tight. If not at the time of cooking it might suck more oil.
  • Now lighten the stove and put deep fry pan on it.
  • Pour oil in the pan.
  • Let the oil heat for about 5-8 Minutes.
  • Mean while prepare small balls of Aata and apply oil to it.
  • Roll the balls into circles.
  • Drop the circles made Aata into hot oil and cook it on either sides for about 20-30 Seconds.
  • Finally Poori preparation is done. Have it hot with any curry.

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