Kaddu ki kheer is one of the famous Indian sweets. Pumpkin is known as kaddu in Hindi language. Out of all other sweets of North India Kaddu ki Kheer is very famous for its yummy taste. Many people eagerly eat this recipe. Many occasions in India start with this kheer. lets today prepare Kaddu ka kheer recipe. Rava upma is also used in this preparation so as to make the kheer thicker. Upma rava is also known as Suji or semolina. This is a very famous in south India as a breakfast recipe.
This is good to eat as it is made from milk and kaddu. This vegetable in some parts of India to prepare curry also. Rather than curry I love eating the sweet item mostly. Kaddu ki kheer recipe is prepared along with milk which is rich in proteins & carbohydrates.

It is a health recipe which children can eat daily. Those persons who don’t drink milk can try this sweet item so that they don’t miss the advantages of milk and kaddu. Kaddu ki kheer recipe ingredients are specified below. This recipe would taste even great when ghee is added to it. As we add dry fruits to the recipe the taste doubles and even the calories.
Let’s not wait any more and start kaddu ka kheer recipe preparation in step-by-step process. First let us check the ingredients required for kaddu ki kheer preparation.

Ingredients required for the preparation of kaddu ki kheer recipe preparation:

  1. Kaddu (Pumpkin) : 1/2 kilogram
  2. Milk: 1/2 ltr
  3. Sugar:  200 grams
  4. Ghee: 100 grams
  5. Upma rava (Suji or semolina): 2 Table spoons
  6. Dry kishmish (Raisins): 10 grams
  7. Kaju (Cashew): 15 grams

Kaddu ka kheer recipe preparation steps:

  • Peal kaddu, cut into half and remove the seeds if any.
  • Grate the kaddu now.
  • Lighten the stove, put a pan on it and put ghee in it.
  • After the ghee heats up for 20 seconds put grated pumpkin in it and cook it for 20 minutes.
  • Later add boiled milk, sugar and suji to it and let it cook until the kheer become little thicker.
  • Now switch off the stove and sere it hot. Some people like eating it cool. If so you can keep it in refrigerator and eat.

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