Boondi Ladoo Recipe: During occasions boondi ladoo sweets are one of the attractive items which are found in almost all the functions.  All the age group people are fond of sweets. Laddu is the sweet which can be offered to god at the time of Diwali and also in many festivals like rakshabandan, ganesh chaturthi and more. They are often given as Prasad at hindu mandir and it also served as a desert at the time of Eid in some muslim community. Do you know the meaning of Boondi? The boondi is a Hindi word which means drop or droplets.Varieties of laddoos can be made with other ingredients that may depend on the recipe. It is considered to be one of the popular and delicious souths Indian sweet.

We have several varieties in ladoo like mothichur ladoo, Besan ladoo, boondi ladoo, dry fruit ladoo which contains healthy nutrients.In the shops you generally find ladoo with the red, green, saffroncolor added to get different flavors and taste.The happiness of preparing ladoo at home gives immense pleasure and if you get the result same as sweet shop then excitement is something which cannot be expressed. Boondi ladoo recipe is not just easy to eat but very easy to prepare also.

The boondi ladoo making process is not difficult but the sugar syrup consistency is important. It is a simple recipe can be prepared at home. Lets prepare the tasty boondi ladoo.

Boondi Ladoo Recipe Ingredients Required:

  • Gram flour-1/2 kg
  • Rice flour-3 table spoons
  • Baking soda-a pinch
  • Ghee-100gm
  • Sugar-1/2 kg
  • Oil-for deep fry
  • Cardamom powder-1/2 table spoon
  • Cashew nuts-50gms
  • Raisins-50gms
  • Water melon seeds-1 table spoon
  • Water-1 cup
  • Yellow food color-a pinch

Boondi ke Laddu Preparation Steps:

  1. Take a bowl and mix both the flours, food color, baking soda with the waterproperly till the battergets pouring consistency or like dosa batter. Mix the content such that no lumps are formed. Leave it for 15-20minutes.
  2. Take a pan, add one table spoon of ghee and make the fry of cashewnuts, raisins and melon seeds.
  3. Before starting the procedure of ladoo, prepare the sugar syrup ready.
  4. In a bowl take water, sugar and mix it till the sugar dissolves and allow it to boil.

How to test string consistency?

  1. In a cup of water the little amount of sugar syrup is poured to find string consistency. If the syrupis not dissolves then the string is good enough for ladoo.
  2. When you touch the syrup with your fingers, it must be in the form of thick paste. If the syrup is loose then cook it for few minutes.
  3. Now add the cardamom powder to the syrup and stir it well.
  4. Mix the flour batter once or twice before it is cooked.
  5. Take a pan heat the oil for deep fry.
  6. Put the karandiabove the pan and spread the batter. The flour mixture starts falling down into pan.
  7. Make a fry of boondi until it changes into golden brown color.Don’t make a fry of boondi like kara or crisp.
  8. The same procedure is followed for whole batter.
  9. Soak the boondi, fried cashewnuts, raisins and melon seeds to syrup about 20-25minutes.
  10. By using ghee little by little make the round shape of ladoo.

The attractive and mouthwatering boondi ladoo is ready.

Don’t cover the ladoos in container instead let it open in air for 4-5 hours or till they become dry.

It is important to wipe the karandi for every time with the dry cloth so that the boondis give a good shape from the holes.

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