• Body: -Made from High quality Pryes glass along with 304grade Stainless steel safe for everyday use. 100% food grade certified and BPA free for ultimate safety.
  • Design: – Blueray design comes with blue led lights that light up while the liquid boils. The illumination never ceases to put up a mesmerizing show every time.
  • Hassle Free: – Cordless usability makes it usable without the hassle of wires. Just plug the kettle on the polarity plug and operate. Auto shut-off feature further saves electricity.
  • Usability: – Light-weight and sturdy design with a huge capacity of 1.7L makes it an ideal choice for everyday use. Anti-slip grip prevents kettle from slipping off when in use. Also, comes with Anti-skid bottom that prevents kettle from slipping over slippery surfaces.
  • Durability: – Highly Durable with high strength, high temperature resistance, and High transmittance.
  • Easy to use: – Detachable parts that are easy to maintain and clean when required.

Cordless Kettle Product Description: –

  • Made from high quality materials like Pryes glass and 304 stainless steel, which makes it usable every day
  • Designed to catch attention, the Blue ray design includes a ring of blue lights that illuminate while the liquid inside boils
  • The kettle is highly durable as it has high temperature resistance, high strength and high transmittance
  • Made keeping the weight to a minimal while also keeping the capacity high to 1.7L for more work and less hassle
  • Easy to clean as the parts are detachable and made from strong materials

Why Use Cordless Electric Kettle?

In this age of technology, why should your kitchen utensils be old age? Homepuff’s electric kettle is the new age boiling utensil needed to keep your kitchen updated. The kettle comes with a blue light that illuminates while the liquid inside boils. The light never ceases to put up a mesmerizing show every time it illuminates. Weather it is tea, coffee or hot cocoa that wakes you up in the morning, the kettle is good for every thing.

The Kettle is capable of boiling within 6minutes, all with a brilliant blue lightning display. Built with lightweight body and high capacity of 1.7L makes it an ideal choice for every day use. Also, the spout makes it easy to pour the liquid in cups, glasses and more. The cordless design is hassle free and adds convenience.

Blue Ray Illumination: –  

The Kettle comes with bright blue led lights that illuminate during the boiling process. The glass body does not fail to put up an impressive show every time.

Easy Usability: –

The cordless design makes it hassle free. Just plug on the two pin polarity dock and it is good to go. Cleaning is also easy with the detachable parts.

Durable: –

The Pyres glass not only makes it beautiful but is also sturdy. The kettle has high strength, high temperature resistance and high transmittance.

Fast: –

The kettle makes short boiling work of the liquid inside with its 6min time. Doesn’t make you wait long for your favourite beverage.