• HomePuff Contigo-XL Lunch Box Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Material with Capacity of the Jar of 2.3L: Best Grade 304 SS-Stainless Steel with Snap-N-Seal Technology.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Three Containers with Leak-Proof Lid (One Nos: 600 ml + Two Nos: 325 ml + One Nos: 425ml), Premium Lunch Bag.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Keeps food warm and fresh for up to 6-8 hours @ 600C and cold food up to 18 hours @ 7-100C. Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, USA-FDA Approved, Non-Toxic.
  • INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED CONTAINERS: 4 Different Size containers designed as per Indian Standards. Small Containers for ROTI, PAPAD etc, BIG containers for RICE, DAL etc.
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty.
Size:4-Containers (2.3L)

Home Puff Double Walled-Vacuum Insulated Lunch Box features innovative vacuum insulation and stainless steel construction that make this food container extremely durable and help inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the food container that makes to get best insulated lunch box that lasts all long.

4 COMPARTMENTS: Pack up to 4 different foods in 4 separate containers tiffin in the same lunchbox together without mixing them at all. The most unique feature is all the lids of the containers are of the same size.

EFFECTIVE THERMAL INSULATION: Hot food test results: food stored with a starting temperature of 70°C (158F) and placed at a room temperature of 28°C (82F), will be at 55°C (131F) after 6 hrs. Higher starting temperature will yield higher final temperature, for example, Boiling hot soup starting at 90 C (194 F) and placed at a room temperature of 28°C (82 F), will be at 70°C (158F), after 6 hrs.

SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY TO KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH AT OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE: Features a robust, top-grade stainless steel interior (304-Grade Stainless Steel) and exterior with Double Walled Vacuum Insulation for superior temperature control and durability over time. Lid with Silicone lining for heat insulation, BPA-free, non-toxic.

INNOVATIVE LUNCH BAG: Made of Aluminum Foil Coated Material, Repels Water & Food Stains which can be used by women, men, children, Kids in school, office etc.

ROUND SHAPE DESIGN: Scientifically round shape maintains perfect temperature conditions throughout the container as compared to oval or square-shaped food boxes.

SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity of 4 Container- (2 X 325) + 425 + 600 = 1675ML, Lunch Box Capacity- 2300ML, Lunch Box Dimension- 24-cm X 13.5-cm X 13.5-cm, Packing Dimension- 27-cm X 16.5-cm X 16-cm, Weight- 1.5 kg.

Weight 1.710 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 16 cm