• Glass Design:- Made from high-quality Borosilicate glass, which is safe for use in Microwave and conventional ovens regularly. Does not explode under high heat conditions.
  • Freeze proof: – The glass design also makes it highly usable in freezing conditions inside refrigerators and deep freezers.
  • All Temperature Suitability:- Suitable for use in temperature range from -20 to 400 Degree Celsius. Does not explode in any temperature conditions in this range.
  • Healthier:- The glass material is safer than any other plastic material and makes for an ideal choice to use everyday. No leaching of harmful chemicals like BPA in the food even if poured hot.
  • Leak proof: – Air tight and leak proof nature helps in holding the food inside without anything spilling during everyday use.
  • Carries More:- 3 Separate Square (320ml each) containers to carry more food every where you go.
  • Stain free:- Ideal for ethnic Indian food, which is oily and leaves stains on the box. The Glass retains its crystal clarity even after containing such food.
  • Easy maintenance:- Dishwasher proof glass is easy to clean and maintain owing to its strong, robust build.
  • Usability:- Comes with a high-quality carry bag for easy portability from place to place. The Bag is light weight and does not add extra weight to the lunch box.


Description : –

Every body wants to eat and stay healthy. But is your lunch box health safe? Here’s our answer to a healthier lunch box for everyday use. Borosil’s glass lunch box is made from high-quality Borosilicate, which does not leach any harsh chemicals even in hot food. The glass is strong and is capable of operating effectively between -20 to 400 degree Celsius temperatures. Carrying the box is easy as, it comes with its own carry bag. The bag is light weight, and keeps the weight of the tiffin to a minimal for everyday use. Also, the glass tiffin is stain proof, which means it does not catch any marks from oily and spicy food. Borosil’s box is dishwasher safe, making it easy to maintain and clean. Last but not the least the specially designed seal keeps it air tight, helping in keeping food fresh.

Bullet Points: –

  • Perfectly designed seal makes container air tight and spill proof
  • Glass build makes it safe for use in microwave and conventional ovens without damage
  • Carry bag allows it to be carried anywhere without any hassle
  • Suitable for use in temperature range from -20 to 400 Degree Celsius
  • No chemical leaching into the food even when poured hot
  • Does not catch any oil or spice stains (Ideal for Indian food)
  • Freeze and High Heat protection helps in carrying both types of food
  • Easy to maintain and clean with hands or dishwashers