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How To Make Chole Bhature | Step By Step Recipe

It’s Monsoon and the season definitely calls for hot-steamy food. This and winter are two seasons where your cravings for ice-cream and desserts are overcome by the simple chai and hot-hot soft Rotis dipped in some delicious spicy curries. Each one’s got their own unique favourites when coming towards food, but then there are some which can definitely be an all-time favourite…

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How To make Mix Vegetables Chinese Manchurian With Gravy | Step By Step Preparation process

One of the favourites the main course in the veg indo Chinese is Veg Manchurian, Today, I am sharing restaurant style Veg Manchurian gravy. This can easily get made within 15 minutes if the fried Manchurian balls are ready. Love all indo Chinese dishes whether it is Veg Chinese or nonveg Chinese dishes. In fact, fried rice or schezwan noodle are always favourites in our family.…

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how to make Spinach poori

Spinach Poori Preparation Process | How to make Spinach Poori Recipe

Today, I am going to share spinach poori or palak poori recipe. This is a special toddler recipe for those children who do not want to eat a vegetable, same like my daughter 🙂She never wants to eat vegetables so I always hide these vegetables in Poori, Paratha and chapati (roti). Same like Palak green poori, I have also tried tomato poori. Spinach poori is healthy and…

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Pappu Charu Recipe

Pappu Charu Recipe Preparation Process | Indian Lentil Soup Cooking Step By Step

Pappu Charu Recipe preparation steps: In India, we have many traditional recipes which offer good taste. Pappucharu is considered as one the essential dish in everyone’s home. This is also called as Dalcha in Hindi. The Pappu and Charu combination is known as dal rasam. A casual dish which lies between the rasam and sambar is pappu charu. The famous…

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How to Make Mushroom Curry | Mushroom Curry Recipe in Indian Style Step by Step

Mushroom Curry Recipe: Mushroom is a kind of fungi which are found on the soil above the ground. Its classification is different because it is distinct from plants and animals. But usually comes under the vegetable category as per many author’s opinions. Mushroom is one of the tastiest and delicious Indian curries with an aromatic flavour. The curries offer a…

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How To Make Tomato Bajji Preparation Process | Stuffed Tomatoes Recipes

Tomato bajji preparation at home is really an interesting idea. Most of us like eating bajjis daily, especially in evening. Oh ! but what is this bajji? This is a very famous Indian recipe mostly prepared in South India. This is made using peanut flour. Mostly people of south India eat Mirchi bajji (chilli). Other than chilli & tomato bajji is prepared…

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lady finger recipe

How to Make Lady’s Finger Fry | Bhindi fry Cooking Recipe

Lady’s Finger Fry Recipe:Bhindi fry is a crispy tasty dish that goes well with rice, roti or dals. It is a north Indian dish especially popular for vegetarians. With shallow fried cooked bhindi with spicy masala ingredients makes the dish tastier. It is an Indian style dish prepared in many different ways with regular spicy powder. This recipe happens to…

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