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How To Make Tomato Bajji Preparation Process | Stuffed Tomatoes Recipes

Tomato bajji preparation at home is really an interesting idea. Most of us like eating bajjis daily, especially in evening. Oh ! but what is this bajji? This is a very famous Indian recipe mostly prepared in South India. This is made using peanut flour. Mostly people of south India eat Mirchi bajji (chilli). Other than chilli & tomato bajji is prepared…

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lady finger recipe

How to Make Lady’s Finger Fry | Bhindi fry Cooking Recipe

Lady’s Finger Fry Recipe:Bhindi fry is a crispy tasty dish that goes well with rice, roti or dals. It is a north Indian dish especially popular for vegetarians. With shallow fried cooked bhindi with spicy masala ingredients makes the dish tastier. It is an Indian style dish prepared in many different ways with regular spicy powder. This recipe happens to…

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Banana Flower Chutney Recipe | Banana blossom Recipe Preparation Method

Banana Flower Chutney: Of all other vegetarian foods banana florets chutney has its own importance in the south Indian recipes. Most people love eating this better than non veg recipes. Banana flower chutney is a traditional Indian recipesfound in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha, Tamilnadu & Kerala. Generally this recipe is cooked in the houses of Brahmin category of Hindu religion. Banana flower…

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rice cooking

Rice Cooking Process- Both in Rice Cooker & Utensil | Water Quantity Required

Rice Cooking Process: This is a beginners recipe. The basics of cooking is also very important. Not always making you experts but sometimes need to consider the newcomers to the kitchen. Bachelors those who stay away from home and missing home made food will be happy with  this. The first possible doubt to arise in this rice preparation is the quantity…

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Coriander and Mint Chutney Preparation Steps Recipe

Coriander Chutney Recipe: Coriander chutney is one of the southern Indian recipes. It is well known as green chutney and low calorie healthy food recipe. Coriander chutney is a good combination of fresh green mint leaves with healthy coriander leaf. Coriander is also known as Dhania and Mint as Mentha spicata. It is best used with grilled or fried food, but may be…

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