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How To make Mix Vegetables Chinese Manchurian With Gravy | Step By Step Preparation process

One of the favourites the main course in the veg indo Chinese is Veg Manchurian, Today, I am sharing restaurant style Veg Manchurian gravy. This can easily get made within 15 minutes if the fried Manchurian balls are ready. Love all indo Chinese dishes whether it is Veg Chinese or nonveg Chinese dishes. In fact, fried rice or schezwan noodle are always favourites in our family.…

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Best Ways To Keep Your Utensils Clean

We all want to stay fit and healthy, for this we must know that the process beings at home. Even the most basic things like a clean kitchen matter a lot. Keeping your kitchen utensils is an integral part in maintaining a good health.  Unclean utensils can become a breeding ground for bacteria leading to unwanted health issues. Cleaning utensils…

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